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V3D Class Reference

Vector 3D. More...

#include <V3D.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 V3D ()
 V3D (const Real *v)
 V3D (const Real &x0, const Real &y0, const Real &z0)
void Init (const Real *v)
const RealVec () const
void SetPrecission (Real prec)
bool IsZero () const
bool IsAproxZero () const
bool IsAproxEq (const V3D &v) const
void ToArray (Real *v) const
void ToOpenGLMatrix (double *m) const
void ToOpenGLMatrix (float *m) const
void Zero ()
void Normalize ()
Real ModulAndNormalize ()
V3D Unitary () const
Real Modul () const
Real Modul_2 () const
Real Dist (const V3D &p) const
Real PEsc (const V3D &v) const
Real operator * (const V3D &v) const
V3D PVec (const V3D &v) const
V3D operator% (const V3D &v) const
V3D operator/ (const Real &s) const
V3D operator * (const Real &s) const
V3D operator- (const V3D &v) const
V3D operator+ (const V3D &v) const
void operator/= (const Real &s)
void operator *= (const Real &s)
void operator-= (const V3D &v)
void operator+= (const V3D &v)
void operator= (const V3D &v)
V3D operator- () const
bool operator== (const V3D &v) const
bool operator!= (const V3D &v) const
Real operator[] (int i) const
Realoperator() (int i)
 operator const float * () const
 operator const double * () const

Public Attributes

Real x
Real y
Real z

Static Public Attributes

Real epsilon = 0.0

double static_double_V3D [3]


V3D operator * (const Real &s, const V3D &v)

Detailed Description

Vector 3D.

Vector 3D de Reals amb operacions sobrecarregades i inline

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

V3D::V3D  )  [inline]

V3D::V3D const Real v  )  [inline]

V3D::V3D const Real x0,
const Real y0,
const Real z0

Member Function Documentation

Real V3D::Dist const V3D p  )  const [inline]

void V3D::Init const Real v  )  [inline]

bool V3D::IsAproxEq const V3D v  )  const [inline]

bool V3D::IsAproxZero  )  const [inline]

bool V3D::IsZero  )  const [inline]

Real V3D::Modul  )  const [inline]

Real V3D::Modul_2  )  const [inline]

Real V3D::ModulAndNormalize  ) 

void V3D::Normalize  ) 

V3D V3D::operator * const Real s  )  const [inline]

Real V3D::operator * const V3D v  )  const [inline]

void V3D::operator *= const Real s  )  [inline]

V3D::operator const double *  )  const [inline]

V3D::operator const float *  )  const [inline]

bool V3D::operator!= const V3D v  )  const [inline]

V3D V3D::operator% const V3D v  )  const [inline]

Real& V3D::operator() int  i  )  [inline]

V3D V3D::operator+ const V3D v  )  const [inline]

void V3D::operator+= const V3D v  )  [inline]

V3D V3D::operator-  )  const [inline]

V3D V3D::operator- const V3D v  )  const [inline]

void V3D::operator-= const V3D v  )  [inline]

V3D V3D::operator/ const Real s  )  const [inline]

void V3D::operator/= const Real s  )  [inline]

void V3D::operator= const V3D v  )  [inline]

bool V3D::operator== const V3D v  )  const [inline]

Real V3D::operator[] int  i  )  const [inline]

Real V3D::PEsc const V3D v  )  const [inline]

V3D V3D::PVec const V3D v  )  const [inline]

void V3D::SetPrecission Real  prec  )  [inline]

void V3D::ToArray Real v  )  const [inline]

void V3D::ToOpenGLMatrix float *  m  )  const [inline]

void V3D::ToOpenGLMatrix double *  m  )  const [inline]

V3D V3D::Unitary  )  const

const Real* V3D::Vec  )  const [inline]

void V3D::Zero  )  [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

V3D operator * const Real s,
const V3D v

Member Data Documentation

Real V3D::epsilon = 0.0 [static]


double V3D::static_double_V3D[3] [static]

Real V3D::x

Real V3D::y

Real V3D::z

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